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Consequences of bad storage for labels

Be careful with labels storage... What might be caused by the wrong stock conditions?

You ordered labels. Labels are already in the storage of your company. But they are not needed right away. „What will happen, if…?
What is worse, you might have found the labels already damaged.

Why is it so?

The appropriate storage is a must for the preservation of the highest labels´ quality.
Therefore let´s have a look at some of the consequencies brought about by the incorrect stocking conditions.

1. Labels in humid surroundigs

Labels stored in an environment with higher recommended humidity behave differently than they should.

Labels on sheets

Sheets being stocked in the higher-humidity start deform. The corners of the sheets start to get closer to each other, so it is impossible to use the sheets for your next reprint.

Is it caused by the material?

From our own experience, whether the sheet is paper or film, we know the reaction to humidity is very similar.

Paper labels on rolls

Labels on the roll can also be affected by increased humidity. Moisture absorption causes subsequent malfunction on the application line.


Because the labels on the rolls are wound on paper cores, it is necessary to keep the rolls away from humid or even wet environments. The soaked core is deformed and there is no opportunity of further use in packaging lines.

2. Labels and envinroment over 30°C

Although some of us enjoy summer temperatures, we cannot expose labels to these heat. Glue becomes the biggest problem at high temperatures. Along with stronger types of adhesives, small amount of adhesive gets through the label, which complicates the use of labels in the application lines.

3. Labels exposed to the direct sunshine

Thermosensitive materials

Have you ever found labels completely black? This is because labels made of heat-sensitive material must only be stored in a darker and cooler environment. The material reacts to heat very interestingly – the labels turn black completely. After blackening, labels are, unfortunately, part of the rubbish.

Coloured labels

Having ordered colour labels with a standard color, dark storage is also required. Standard colours fade under the influence of the sun and lose their saturation. However, when required, we can prevent this with light-fast colours.

So how shall we store labels properly?

You will find out in the next article.
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However, if you have special requirements regarding the durability of labels or atypical storage conditions, please inform our sales representatives.

Together we will find suitable label solutions for your product.

Enhance your product with our elegant labels. Our printing will create an interesting and professional look that will attract your customers.

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