Change in QR Code

We have a clue how to print an atypical QR Code

Recently we have received some new demand which delighted us as always. But there was something, we were not used to.
Are curious what was different?


Even though this article is not predominantly about QR Code, nevertheless we would like to start smoothly with a couple of sentences about it.
This peculiar code serves for decoding the text information directly from the various combination of squares. It is obvious, QR codes have been seen all over the place. However, the code was discovered with a slightly different aim. Surprisingly, it was developed in the previous century by the Japanese company for the car industry.
The fact we observe the code on every step is supported by the reality of smartphones. Smartphone camera is able to scan the code making our lives easier.

Back to demand...

While the rules as far as the form of QR code is concerned are clear – white background with black printing – our customer has prepared a challenge for MiF.
Label with QR Code – green background with white printing.
Will it work? Will the apps be able to scan the code?
With no hesitation we took over it. After a few days we found out an outcome.
Thrilling conclusion…. it is working!
On the basis of the tests and the quality of our Full HD Flexo Technology we have attained the utter functionality. The atypical code is beyond the standards, after all is indisputably discernible.

For who?

Our Austrian customer Wiesbauer, renowned as producer of meat specialities, has come with this unusual demand because of a forthcoming competition. We have been producing a far amount of labels for almost 2 years, therefore you can check their opinion on our cooperation.
Whenever we obtain such an inquiry, we are ready to fight for the best results.

Is you labelling tough for processing or the graphics and printing differ from common standard? Come along with it.
Our creative team will find out the way how to cope with the challenges.
Let us know what you need and we have a detailed look at your request together.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Material: transparent polypropylene with permanent glue

Enhance your product with our elegant labels. Our printing will create an interesting and professional look that will attract your customers.

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