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How to remove a highly sticky labels without glue leftover on the box

You got a stunning bottle of wine which stole your whole attention with its atypical shape and label. The wine is long gone and you tell yourself you may use the bottle for your home-made syrup.
Out of blue, here it comes. Problem, which has cropped up, has bothered almost every single human-being in the world. Of course, with an outcome of a bad mood.
Do you have any idea what we are writing about?
You are right… unremoved glue on the bottle or badly unstuck label.
After those many unsuccessful attempts of removing the labels, you may think there is no clue for it. Keep on reading, the solution is waiting for you to be discovered.
Since there are many different glues, we do not want to bombard you with that huge amount of information. Just a few tips how to deal with some of them.

1. Permanent coautchouc glue

Permanent coautchouc glue is one of the highly adhesive ones, what means there will be a trouble while removing the label. The glue is manufactured in Thailand and Indonesia, since they grow rubber tree profusely.
Due to glue´s adhesive characteristics as well as sentivity to heat, we should predominantly use it for labels into low temperatures. Even so we can find it on paperboxes, glass or tin surface.
How to remove the glue?
  • From paperbox – use the hot-air gun to help you
  • From glass and tin surfaces – use the denatured alcohol

2. Permanent glue soluble in...

We can see very often some labels on the wine bottles, juice bottles or glass container,… Glue used for these labels is easily soluble in alcohol solution.
You might be asking yourself, why exactly this type of glue.
Subsequent recycling is the reason.
Glue deactivates after a few minutes in hot water or alcohol solution. Bottles get back from a consumer to a supplier. Then he gets the bottles washed in big washing machines so that the labels (and of course leftovers) are removed perfectly. Bottles are ready to be reused.
How to remove the glue?
  • From glass – use the alcohol solution

3. Removable glue

We luck out. If you happen to find the labels with removable glue, you can manage without wrinkles. Those labels are disposed of without troubles.
How to remove the glue?
  • Just remove the label
We believe, this article has been at least a bit helpful for you so that removing labels is not your nightmare anymore.
Would you like you know something more about the glue types? Follow us on LinkedIN and Facebook. Actually, we are preparing a special article concerning the glues.

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