Complaints procedure

Warranty and complaints

  1. MiF labels meet the highest criteria of production and material quality, are free of defects and are carefully inspected during shipment. Their design complies with valid Slovak legal regulations and technical standards.
  2. For these labels, the contractor provides a guarantee that they will have the properties declared by him.
  3. The contractor provides a warranty for the produced labels for a period of 24 months. The warranty period begins on the day of delivery of the goods.
  4. The Contractor’s obligation under this warranty applies only to defects that have occurred despite the labels being used in the prescribed manner and under normal circumstances.
  5. Labels should be stored in their original packaging, in clean, dry and ventilated rooms at a temperature of 15 – 20 ° C, at a relative humidity of 50 – 55%, with protection against ground moisture, radiant heat of radiators, pollution, mechanical damage and contact with vapors. organic solvents.
  6. The warranty covers all defects that could be caused by defects in material or workmanship. The guarantee is not provided for the text signed by the customer during the proofreading.
  7. The Contractor shall not provide compensation for direct or indirect damages for possible damage or destruction of things, or for other damages and lost profits, unless it has been proven in the circumstances of the case that the Contractor was intent or grossly negligent.
  8. The Contractor shall not provide compensation for damage even in the event of other damages incurred by the Customer, if the labels (goods) were further used after the discovery of the defect.
  9. The Contractor undertakes to supply labels in the quality, design and quantity according to the contract and in the manner specified in the contract to carry out the transport according to the instructions of the customer.
  10. The customer will take over the goods by signing a delivery note, which will be issued twice by the contractor. Upon delivery of the goods, the customer has the right to perform a qualitative and quantitative inspection in the presence of the contractor’s employee and, if defects are found, to refuse delivery. The customer also has the right to refuse erroneous delivery of other goods than was contractually agreed.
  11. In the case of quantity (or weight) differences, the customer will mark the fact found in the delivery note and both parties will confirm it with the date and signature. The names of the customer’s and contractor’s representatives must be legible. The specification of quantity (weight) differences must be clearly described according to the individual types of goods. One copy of the delivery note processed in this way belongs to the customer, the other to the contractor. Subsequent claims for quantity (weight) differences will not be accepted by the contractor.
  12. The customer is obliged to file a complaint for a possible hidden defect without undue delay after finding it, but no later than within four calendar days. After this period, his rights expire.
  13. Complaints with an exact description of the defect will be made by the customer directly to the label (goods) contractor.
  14. The customer is obliged to submit a certified copy of the proof of purchase (proof of payment and delivery note) together with the claimed labels. claims for labels that were not purchased directly from MiF will not be accepted. The authorized employee of the contractor is obliged to fill in the complaint protocol together with the complainant (customer). The claimed goods must be submitted to the complaint procedure with a clearly marked defect, which is to be the subject of the complaint.
  15. The written complaint protocol must contain:
    • identification of the customer (business name, registered office, ID number, VAT number),
    • date of delivery of labels (goods),
    • the type and quantity of labels claimed and their value,
    • reasons for the complaint (description of the defect),
    • solution design,
    • date of complaint,
    • name and signature of the authorized representative of the customer.
  16. Warranty claims will be accepted by the contractor only if these were asserted immediately after the detected defects, no later than the end of the 24-month warranty period.
  17. In the event of a recognized complaint and within the scope of the warranty, if it is a defect that cannot be removed and which prevents the goods from being used properly and without defects, the customer has the right to free replacement or withdraw from the contract. In the event of such withdrawal of the customer from the contract, he is entitled to a cash credit in the full amount of the invoiced and actual price paid. If the customer does not exercise the right to payment of the credit note within six months of its issuance, the right expires.
  18. The Contractor shall decide on the method of handling the complaint no later than within 30 days of its application by the Client, and the Client shall be notified of the result in writing.
  19. In the event that the customer’s complaint is justified, the contractor:
    • produce and deliver the missing quantity without defective labels (goods) and then make a financial settlement (invoicing or credit note),
    • repairs labels free of charge, resp. they blame them without the right to payment,
    • will satisfy the customer in the form of a credit note in the value of the goods rightly claimed by him, resp. will provide him with an agreed discount.
  20. In the event that the customer’s complaint is justified and the contractor asks the customer to send defective goods, the contractor bears the costs and risk associated with the transport of the claimed labels to the seller and back to the customer. The contractor shall determine the method and maximum costs of transport. Labels against which a claim has been recognized are the property of the contractor. In the event that the complaint was not justified, the contractor will return the claimed goods to the customer at his expense and risk.
  21. If the price of the claimed goods has not been paid in full at the time of the claim, the contractor has the right to keep the goods with him until payment of the debt, including its accessories.
  22. The warranty period is extended by the period during which the customer could not use the goods for a reason for which the contractor is responsible.