rMC Recycled Paper as Basics of Perfect Labels

Labels made of recycled paper material indistinguishable from the classics

We care about the nature. And you? Thanks to recycled-paper materials the final labels can be more acceptable for our Planet.

Product-sustainability awareness is getting better and better day by day. We as human-beings have been neglecting the Earth for a long time. Fortunately, suppliers of the materials have recently started to work wonders.

What will we change, if we use these materials? Together we can annually save 20.491 trees and the water for 13.516 people. Choice of the „green“ alternative of the famous MC primecoat paper is the way.

Paper made from 30% post-consumer waste

Paper rMC – a recycled paper facestock made from 30% post-consumer waste – is more than substitution for the MC primecoat. Except for no lower printing quality, the aim of this paper is even to reduce the waste dump. In the picture you can see other positive effects of the usage on the Planet:

Improvement by using 1,000,000 square meters of rMC FSC® paper facestock, combined with rBG40BR FSC, in place of conventional materials. Resource: Avery Dennison

This rMC miracle is indistinguishable from the basic, non-recycled grade. The paper offers the excellent semi-gloss appearance even without chlorine bleaching.

And value added?

Besides the high quality, the rMC paper helps you and your customers to reach your own nature-oriented goals.

Application of the rMC paper:
  • suitale for all kinds of label shapes and designs
Main rMC material features:
  • Paper rMC is a recycled paper facestock made from 30% post-consumer waste.
  • Supports the „Circular Economics“ concept if used with rBG liner.
  • No visual semi-gloss difference between rMC and basic non-recycled MC material.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High-quality printing – digital printing, conventional printing, thermal transfer printing
  • Saves resources such water, energy, trees.
  • Produces less greenhouse gas emissions.
Resource: Avery Dennison
Do you want to be the part of the „cleaner-Earth revolution“?

It has never been easier!
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