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MiF s.r.o. is one of our reliable business partners regarding the supply of labels and other promotional items. Their prompt solution of deliveries, graphic preparations and solution of our requirements is their strong point. We value the quality of deliveries of ordered goods. We appreciate their flexibility, willingness and friendly approach to our mutual cooperation. We firmly believe that our business relationship will continue.

Dairy company

We have been cooperating with MiF for 4 years. We appreciate their approach and promptness, as we often want last-minute labels. We have always been able to solve small things together, which is important to us. We will certainly continue to work together.
Ave Natura

Pharmaceutical company

The creative process in Lucka approaches consumers with a human face. It is based on the basic parameters of an infant product such as playfulness, healthy naivety and ease of being, which children enrich us for adults. Therefore, a detailed approach from the beginning of creation to the final production of materials and packaging of the product is important. Without the professional performance and cooperation of partners such as MiF, we would not be able to bring a cheerful and kind product, useful for all of us.


MiF scores points with advantageous prices, competent customer service and fast processing of our orders. We can further recommend MiF without any reservations!


In order to best present our products on the market and meet the requirements of our customers, we need more reliable suppliers than ever before, who are able to deliver the required quality with maximum flexibility. In recent years, MIF has proven to be a reliable and innovative partner, whose know-how and services make a significant contribution to achieving these goals.


One of our suppliers is the company MIF, which helps us to more visibly present our products on the market, so we can better meet the needs of our customers. Cooperation with this supplier is at a high level and we always find a common way to fast and quality delivery of our orders. Based on long-term cooperation, we can only recommend MIF and we look forward to further reliable cooperation.